About Me


My name is Nadine de Joncheere (née Breves), and I was born in 1978.


I started my professional beauty and cosmetic career in 2001 as a trained hairdresser.

This was then followed by a professional 2-year training course as a fully skilled beauty therapist.


In 2005 I openend my own practice, 'Kosmetik Carisma', in Langemarckstrasse, in Bremen Neustadt.

It was during this time that  I acquired a wealth of professional knowledge and experience.


I also expanded my skills and experience by completing courses in aromatherapy, reflexory and hot-stone-massage, shiatsu, reiki (grade 1 and 2) and in manual lymph drainage. I also offer cranio sacral body work, having completed a two-year training course in 2012. Done on the clothed body, this is a very fine and gentle, but also intensive technique to locate and resolve deep blockades, helping reduce stress and giving rise to a feeling of deep relaxation.


In the spring of 2018 I completed a qualification on oncocosmetics with Hildegard Braukmann cosmetics 
gaining expertise in addressing clients special cosmetic needs during the cancer process
and after the acute stage and supporting them, for instance with soothing massage techniques.
In April 2019 I moved to my new, and larger premises in the Goethestraße in the Bremen 'Viertel'. It is particularly important to me in my work to treat my clients individually and holistically, and the
light-filled rooms, offer space to let go, relax, take a break and refuel.
Since starting my own business I have always worked with the high quality, highly beneficial products
from the
Hildegard Braukmann Herbal Cosmetic Range
gentle cosmetics with the power of natural ingredients

of which I also stock an extensive range for retail. Several times a year I take part in
Hildegard Braukmann training courses, so that I can always keep
my clients up to date with the latest
trends from the world of skin care and beauty products.
I look forward to your visit. Sincerely

Nadine de Joncheere